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The PCI (Payment Card Industry) Council has declared that encryption protocols of SSL and TLS 1.0 will no longer be supported for accepting credit card payments. Merchants accepting credit card payments should be utilizing TLS 1.2 encryption protocols in their systems. In other words, if they do not upgrade to TLS 1.2, customers will not be able to accept any credit card payments.

You should have already heard from us but if not, please reach out to your account executive or manager at once. In order to prevent inability...

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By Donald Hilton, AX Practice Manager

In this fast-moving world of Dynamics ERP, we are always looking for ways to teach ourselves.  As a Solution Architect, I am also being asked all the time for a good place to do training. Five years ago, you might have gone to two or three places to find information on Dynamics AX. 

Today, I am going to share a site that I have found to be very helpful: OrganicAX.Com.

The blog is written by Lachlan Cash, who...

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We have all heard the comment “Life is a Journey” and I appreciate that we have been part of that journey with you, our customers, in software and IT systems. For over 32 years I have been leading BMI with a clear focus on a mission statement of “Enhancing the lives of our employees and customers by working together to deliver quality business solutions”. I hope that we have been successful in that mission with you and your organization.

Last month I began my new role with Columbus, our parent company from Denmark, who acquired InterDyn BMI 2 years ago, as Senior Vice President of...

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By Kerry Alexander

Growth isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, companies expend a great deal of energy and resources deciding which pursuits will move the needle the furthest toward achieving specific goals, and where to prioritize their time and investment.

Oftentimes sales and use tax gets left out of this equation, especially when it doesn’t appear to directly correlate to the task at hand. Certain growth activities, like adding new locations, products, or sales...

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The Letter Writing Assistant, formerly known as the Letter Writing Wizard, is a simple-to-use feature that has been in the software for several versions, touching a lot of areas of Dynamics GP.

You can write letters to employees, customers, vendors, and new job applicants (if the Human Resources Module is deployed), utilizing the Letter Writing Assistant’s three main functions:

  • A Target for Hyperlinks in SSRS & Excel
    • Ex)...
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By k-eCommerce

Automating sales orders, expanding market reach, increasing revenues and lowering overhead costs make selling online a clear solution for companies looking to grow or streamline the ordering process. But opening a web store takes planning, along with a robust eCommerce strategy. One key factor separating the projects that succeed from those that fold in less than a year comes down to asking the right questions before you break virtual...

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By AJ Ansari, NAV Product Manager

Question: How can I handle multiple shipments from a vendor for a single Purchase Order in Dynamics NAV (or Dynamics 365 for Financials), and how do I track the total dollar amount of each receipt?

Answer:  Start by adding the Qty. to Receive, Quantity Received, Qty. to Invoice, and Quantity Invoiced columns visible in the Lines FastTab/section of the Purchase Order. You can do this by right...

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By Bryan Wilton, President 

As we look to GP 2018, due out around December 1st this year, Microsoft is starting to drip out some of the new ideas and features which are expected to make it into the product. We know already, that most of the feature list will come from end users and their suggestions. This is really the first time where Microsoft has dedicated a full release to be built off user ideas and needs. The power of the installed base is shining...

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By Devang Mehta, NAV Practice Manager

Dynamics 365 for Financials and Dynamics NAV are business management solutions for small and mid-sized organizations that automate and streamline business processes and help you manage your business.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 for Financials are very similar products. The Dynamics 365 for Financials was earlier known as “Project Madeira”. These two solutions aren’t really competitors. They target...

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