9 Practical Ways Nonprofits Can Spend More Time Focused on their Mission

Posted on: Aug 12th, 2015

Nonprofit organizations that replace outdated accounting systems with modern business management solutions can achieve more with less. InterDyn BMI helps nonprofits build efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics® GP and CRM.

  1. Simplify Grant Management: Streamline transactions, monitor daily expenditures and deliver timely reports for optimal grant performance.
  2. Manage Commitments: Track requisitions as commitments related to specific budgets and streamline requisition approval. Warn approvers of potential overspending with automated alerts.
  3. Improve Fund Management: Provide instant insight into fund status with tight control over allocations and cost centers. Transfer balances between accounts easily with “self-balancing” inter-fund tools.
  4. Streamline Reporting: Automate report generation instead of spending time manually combining spreadsheets. Proactively manage with real-time data.
  5. Deliver Information to the Field: Connect your staff and volunteers to the information they need to serve members, donors and programs more effectively, no matter where their work takes them.
  6. Improve Fundraising: Keep your donors coming back by actively engaging through appreciation, targeted marketing and well-managed events.
  7. Use Workflows to Build Budgets: Give contributors and reviewers access to centrally managed budgets with automated requests and alerts that accelerate the process. 
  8. Support Remote Workers: Improve the efficiency of staff through document portals and web-based administrative and project management tools.
  9. Simplify IT Support: Reduce dependence on high-cost IT personnel and hardware. Use cloud-based ERP and CRM to take advantage of the best technology while containing costs.

Let’s talk about your nonprofit’s goals and how we can help you achieve them more efficiently. Contact InterDyn BMI today.