The ARC Greater Twin Cities

The ARC Greater Twin Cities

About Company: 

Arc Greater Twin Cities, a United Way agency, is dedicated to providing a full range of life services to ensure that people of all ages with disabilities have opportunities to choose how they live, learn, work and play.

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Business Situation: 

Arc Greater Twin Cities receives nearly one-third of its revenues from the United Way, which requires Arc Greater Twin Cities to provide a three-year plan detailing who it plans to serve. It then reports what it has done each year to the United Way. “We keep track of who we have served and how we have served them in iMIS ,” said Paul Harder, Director of Technology for Arc Greater Twin Cities.

The Solution: 

Arc Greater Twin Cities, began using iMIS as the software solution to manage operations across its entire enterprise. “At the end of the year we are able to easily present the United Way a report detailing how many people were served and other demographic information about them. This was not an easy chore with the database solution we used prior to iMIS .” A strong relationship with its Authorized iMIS Solution Provider (AiSP), InterDyn BMI, has also been a key to the success Arc Greater Twin Cities has realized with iMIS.

Proven Results: 

By improving its ability to access and maintain its business intelligence, Arc Greater Twin Cities has been able to improve its customer service and reach more donors. iMIS has also reduced the amount of time needed for busy work, allowing staff time to be used for work more directly related to the organization’s mission.

InterDyn BMI always get back to us quickly when we have an issue we need assistance with. They worked with us in other areas we needed help in, even if it didn’t result in a lot of revenue for them, plus implementation came in right under budget."

- Paul Harder, Director of Technology, Arc Greater Twin Cities.

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