Holy Bears

Holy Bears

About Company: 

Holy Bears originated in 1999 in Houston, Texas. The company designs and sells stuffed teddy bears and originated to help religious organizations, churches and schools raise funds to support their activities, and to promote the message of the Holy Bible.

Learn more at: www.holybears.com

Business Situation: 

Due to rapid growth soon after start up, Holy Bears and its employees quickly experienced many problems. The QuickBooks solution they had implemented wasn’t sufficient to meet their needs.

The Solution: 

Holy Bears migrated from QuickBooks to Microsoft Business Solutions which is integrated with third party shipping and online ordering software. An invoice is created, the charge is placed onto the credit card account, and the shipping process begins. Gone are the duplicate invoices, shipping orders, and piles of paper that had previously accumulated at HolyBears.

Proven Results: 

When sales increased to $200,000 per month, the benifits that Holy Bears received from Microsoft Business Solutions include:

  • Integration capabilities - Holy Bears has reduced their shipping time from three weeks to three days.
  • Expandability - Four years ago Holy Bears was selling two different bears. Today they have 200 styles available and their expansion plans include a series of animated bear videos.
  • Improved accuracy of orders - Since the implementation of Microsoft Business Solutions, Holy Bears experienced a 28% decline in customer order problems.

"It used to take QuickBooks 5-10 minutes to churn through the system and find an order. Now Employees, sales reps, and customers are able to instantly check order status online with our SQL Server and Microsoft Business Solutions."

- Eric Carroll, Owner, Holy Bears