Transport Distribution Services

Transport Distribution Services

About Company: 

Transport Distribution Services (TDS) is a third-party logistics provider that helps businesses streamline their transportation departments while delivering comprehensive, strategic logistics solutions to lower transportation costs and improve operational efficiency. Through leading-edge technology, lean logistics practices, and outstanding customer service, they have become the transportation partner of choice for a broad range of clients. 

Business Situation: 

The team at TDS had originally been using a legacy system which, while it was built for transportation companies, required them to do dual entry. TDS was using their transportation management system (TMS) for all order taking and then had to do duplicate entry into their ERP system in order to bill customers. This process was timely, costly and extremely inefficient for what the company needed to accomplish. 

The Solution: 

Sarah Hayes, Controller at TDS, was unfamiliar with large-scaled ERP systems, so it was important for her to not only find the right product to move over to, but to find the right company that would support the product.

“I was looking for a partner that would recommend the best products, help keep the system working as efficiently as possible for us, provide ongoing support, and most importantly, guide me through the implementation process,” says Hayes.

After thorough investigation, TDS decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP and trusted that the best company to work with was InterDyn BMI to:

  • Come up with an implementation project plan
  • Train the TDS staff
  • Ensure the system continues to run smoothly
  • Provide support on future product upgrades
Proven Results: 

The problems the TDS team experienced with their previous legacy system are no longer apparent today. Microsoft Dynamics GP has allowed TDS to run an integration between their TMS and ERP system, directly streamlining their financial reporting.

“Migrating over to Dynamics GP has made our month-end closes occur much more quickly,” explains Hayes. “We are now given real-time pictures of what is going on in the business which is something we really value.”

"With Dynamics GP, we are now given real-time pictures of what is going on in the business which is something we really value.”

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