Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Dynamics NAV, powered by To-Increase

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (IEM) for Dynamics NAV

Optimize planning and production for best outcomes, gain control over your projects, and accelerate innovation with Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Dynamics NAV, powered by To-Increase. Manufacturers adopt IEM to become more customer-focused businesses with shorter innovation cycles.

Advanced Job Management

Advanced Job Management:

With To-Increase Advanced Job Management, industrial equipment manufacturers and other project-based manufacturing companies can not only perform successful, productive project management but also transform complex projects fully transparent and efficiently manageable.

  • Flexible breakdown structures
  • Job quote management
  • Powerful planning functionality
  • Job-connected inventory
Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing:

For project-based manufacturers, To-Increase Advanced Manufacturing makes resources and resource costs transparent in planning and manufacturing processes. Resources become visible in the manufacturing process, enabling you to perform reliable resource planning and control resource-related costs. You can use Advanced Manufacturing to assign resources to production activities through production orders, and post and review their costs along with other production costs in jobs.

Advanced Service Management

Advanced Service Management:

To-Increase Advanced Service Management enables manufacturers and other project-based companies to generate additional revenue through the controlled delivery of ad-hoc and scheduled services that can range from entire plants to specific equipment. Because Advanced Service Management integrates fully with jobs in Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, you can transfer details regarding parts and components of a job item directly into a service item without re-creating the information. 

  • Purchase order creation
  • Plant maintenance management
  • Follow-up orders
  • Fixed-price settings
Engineering Change Management

Engineering Change Management:

Engineering Change Management brings full transparency to all steps involved in requesting, planning, and implementing product changes and gives ECR-related communications between operations and engineering a consistent structure. The connections between the ERP system and PLM, CAD, and other software are created and maintained through the same versatile, robust functionality that is also at the core of the To-Increase Business Integration Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

  • ECR wizard
  • Product Engineering app
  • Engineering Change Staging
  • Engineering Change Orders
Resource Management

Resource Management:

To-Increase Resource Management enables project-based manufacturers and service providers to plan, monitor, analyze, and manage people’s time and activities accurately within a consolidated tool. Designed for centralized control and ease of use, Resource Management offers you visualization to assess individual or grouped resource loads, lets you track time by means of consolidated registration, and enables you to calculate resource metrics in a single calendar.

  • Resource analysis
  • Task-based planning
  • Time sheet workflow
Resource Portal

Resource Portal:

The Resource Portal helps you save employees and managers time, and ensure accurate time sheet registration with a centralized resource that already presents task assignments 

As a key component of To-Increase Resource Management, the To-Increase Resource Portal supports time recording, expense claims, absence registration, and self-service maintenance of resource data without requiring companies to acquire additional Microsoft Dynamics NAV licenses.

  • Time sheet automation
  • Role-based capabilities
  • Workflow-based management
Visual Job Planning

Visual Job Planning:

To-Increase Visual Job Planning provides managers in project-based manufacturing companies with the complete, immediate visibility to perform initial top-down, strategic planning and proceed to detailed, bottom-up scheduling of project resources. Project planners can use the solution to define project milestones and timelines to meet their goals and customer commitments, and immediately assess the impact of planning actions on resource availability, equipment capacities, and task dependencies.

  • Efficient, template-based planning
  • Dependable task planning
  • Planning warnings