Who We Are

InterDyn BMI's mission is to enhance the lives of its employees and customers by working together to provide quality business solutions.

Implementing a new ERP solution can be a daunting task and too often, projects can end in failure or have less than expected results. At InterDyn BMI, we believe that with our 5-Point Performance Promise, we can help you achieve success.

Industry Leading Products

The first stage in our process begins with helping you select the right product. We will sit down with you to help you define your requirements and then help you evaluate various solutions to see which one comes closest to fitting your needs.

Experienced People

Once software has been selected, our ability to bring qualified people to the project, people with a depth and breadth of experience in your industry and with your products, is a key part of a successful implementation. This project team stays with you throughout the entire project and is made up of project managers, consultants, developers and support staff.  

Proven Methodology

Having the best software and the best people does not necessarily guarantee success, so another very important piece of our process is having the right methodology. We at InterDyn BMI are proud to follow Microsoft's SureStep methodology, looking closely at analysis, design, implementation and training, which is a very effective strategy in getting your solution up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

First-Class Support

Once the project is in operation, our next step is to look at how we can provide you with long-term support. Our ability to take calls, triage calls, utilize the assistance of the staff members who have already worked on your project, and respond to the ERP, CRM and infrastructure requirements, all together bring a great deal of value to the organization in terms of the breadth of solutions we can assist you with.

Lifetime Relationships

Along with long-term support, the last step in our Performance Promise focuses on forming a lifetime relationship, much like the one you may have with your law firm or CPA firm. For all of the times when you don’t need us, there are no contracts or costs to your team, but when you do have a need, InterDyn BMI is there to provide you with the best support and services for years to come.

“By standing by our promise to provide you with the right product, people, methodology and support, along with seeking to build a lifetime relationship with you and your team,” says CEO John Hendrickson, “we believe that InterDyn BMI is the best firm for you to work with to implement your new ERP solution.” 

InterDyn BMI At a Glance

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