1.     What is the difference between InterDyn and InterDyn BMI?

InterDyn is the leading global partner for Microsoft Business Solutions with over 500 certified professionals in locations around the world. InterDyn is dedicated to the sales, consulting, service and support of all Microsoft Business Solutions including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics CRM. The company supports over 3,500 customers, making it one of the largest, most comprehensive, and most experienced Microsoft Business Solutions partners worldwide.

InterDyn Business Microvar Inc. (BMI) makes up one of the branches of the InterDyn Corporation with 21 locations across the United States. We have been helping businesses better understand the magnitude of solutions software, while managing the installation and critical business software applications. We have completed over 2,000 implementations and are currently working with more than 2,000 active clients to provide ongoing support services.

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2.     What Does InterDyn BMI specialize in?

InterDyn BMI integrates traditional Microsoft products with Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions software to provide flexible, innovative, and fully-integrated solutions. Our Gold Competencies from Microsoft in Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management, distinguish InterDyn BMI as a leader in services and support in these fields.

Our world-class consulting team includes industry specialists who have extensive experience implementing vertical solutions. After personally delivering and implementing the solutions, InterDyn BMI believes in continuously serving the client through ongoing services and end-user training.

3.     Where is InterDyn BMI located?

InterDyn BMI is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with 21 locations spanning across the U.S. Visit our location page to find the one nearest you.

4.     Are there any discounts or special offers that InterDyn BMI offers?

InterDyn BMI works hard to offer our customers the best values. We work with Microsoft and Independent Software Vendors to provide the best deals that we can. See what we are offering now on our Special Offers Page.

5.     Does InterDyn BMI provide classroom training?

Yes! Our newly renovated Learning Center is now open and offers a wide variety of classes, with both basic and advanced modules. We offer two training locations: Houston, TX and Phoenix, AZ. With certified professionals as instructors, we offer classes in GP. Check out our upcoming trainings and webinars.

6.     What does ERP stand for?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning (ERP). Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are exceptionally simple to use and they deliver long-term business value by working with your existing IT systems and scaling to grow with your organization. Plus, Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions enable increased agility, so your organization can adapt quickly to change, connect easier with your customers, and better optimize your supply chains.

Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics SL

7.     What does CRM stand for?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This software can be used to track your sales, marketing, customer service and more.To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click here.

8.     What is iMIS?

iMIS is a comprehensive nonprofit software solution that enables your organization to manage its people, operations and resources. By leveraging today’s technology, including Microsoft’s .NET development platform, iMIS combines flexibility and openness with the reliability of off-the-shelf, packaged software for your nonprofit. To learn more about iMIS click here.

9.     What is BRL?

Microsoft has introduced a pricing model called Business Ready Licensing (BRL). Microsoft Dynamics ERP is sold in packs of functions by user rather than by module. Existing Customers who are not on BRL have the option to transition to this module structure. Learn More Now

10.    What is Microsoft xRM?

Microsoft xRM stretches beyond providing businesses with tools to manage customer relationships, and instead offers “Anything Relationship Management.” You got it “x” in xRM stands for any item that you want to track: Buildings, animals, students, vendors, etc.!

11.    What is PLM Software?

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management Software. PLM software integrates people, data, processes and your organization’s business systems.  To learn more about the PTC's Product Lifecycle Management Software that we sell, click here.

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